Unfortunately, Peephole is not working correctly right now.

Twitter has recently changed the way they are handling embedded links and images. They are now replacing links from other images sharing services with their own url shortened links. In twitter's search API (which Peephole uses primarily), they do not provide the original links. This is what has broken Peephole.

We have thought of a work around but it could take a little while to get it implemented and for Apple to approve the update. We are sorry that Peephole no longer works correctly and we will work to get it fixed.

We love that you’re using Peephole, but we hate problems. Check the answers below for help with any issues or drop us a line if you need more help.

Peephole FAQ

Why can't I see messages without photos?
Peephole is all about the photos. It provides an alternate view of Twitter. We never intended that it would serve as your primary Twitter client but instead would augment your Twitter browsing capabilities.
Why did you name the app Peephole?
Peephole gives you a small window onto the much larger Twitter universe.
Is there a way to filter out offensive photos?
The photo sharing services have Terms of Service that forbid offensive photos. Artificial intelligence has not advanced to the point where we or the photo sharing services can detect offensive material. We are testing some filters that should help.
When will you offer other localizations?
We hope to offer more language choices in the next version. Please let us know if you can help us add another language.
Why do I see some duplicate photos?
Popular posts get retweeted. When multiple people tweet the same post you see that post pop up again and again on Twitter. The same thing happens with photos in Peephole.
Why are some thumbnail images blank?
Peephole could not download the image. Most of the time, the shortened url was not posted properly. Sometimes the photo sharing service or the internet connection might be experiencing issues.
Why do I see photos in the nearby users section that don't appear to be taken around me?
We can only conduct location searches based on the location defined in the user’s Twitter profile and can't actually tell where a message was posted from. If a user goes out of town and fails to update her profile, her uploaded photos will appear to come from her home profile location.
Why don't you support "Site XYZ" photo sharing service?
We started out with the most popular services used on Twitter, and right now we only support photo sharing services that provide thumbnail image versions of the shortened URL. As other services become more popular we will try to add them. Please let us know if you would like to see support for another service.
Why do fewer photos show up in the Friends and Favorites sections?
The Twitter API allows fewer status updates from your Friends and Favorites queues than from the Public and Trending Topics queues Since the majority of Twitter messages have no photos, this cuts down further on the number of displayed images. We only show the messages with photos. You can favorite more messages with photos in them. You can also start following more people that post photos.
What are these Twitter rate limit errors about?
The Twitter API only allows each user so many API calls per hour. Every time you go to a different section of the app it uses one API call. Every time you press the "load more" option it uses one Twitter API call. We have tried to keep the number of API calls to a minimum. For more information about Twitter rate limits go here.
Why do you add the #peephole hash tag on a retweeted message?
We’re doing this for a couple of reasons. In the future, this will allow us to find photos that were retweeted with Peephole. We could use this information to try to remove duplicates and to show the most retweeted photos, etc. It also lets others know how you found the photo. You are welcome to remove the tag if you don't like it.
Why didn't you add "feature X"?
We either weren't smart enough to think of it or we couldn't think of a good way to add it without cluttering the user interface. If you would like to see a new feature, please let us know.